Learn On The Fly

by R.E.A.L Tha Poet

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released August 24, 2016

Producer: Jake "J-Ideas" Drescher
Rap Vocals: Scott Ashburn and Russell Allen
Sung Vocals: David Napier and Russell Allen
Piano: Crystalyn Boyer
Electric Guitar: Debraun Thomas
Electric Guitar: Jake Horstmeier
Acoustic Guitar: Brandon Jones
Mixed and Master by PJ Katz for Fat Buckle Audio
Recorded by Dustin Jones at Dynamix and Jake Drescher at The Dagobah System



all rights reserved


Urban Creek Media Lexington, Kentucky

Urban Creek Media was founded in 2013 by recording artists Brandon Jones, R.E.A.L. tha Poet and producer J-Ideas. The crew set a goal to provide alternative themes and sounds within the realm of music without having to be shoved into a box of what's fresh, what's new, what's on the radio or what's "different". At Urban Creek, the motivation is the love of music and the creation behind it. ... more

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Track Name: Run! (with Crystalyn Boyer and David Napier)
Verse One
A constant spacing
Mind be lost in constellations
No, No I'm not complacent
But I can't change no I can't change

It hard to place it
Live my life through observation
Lack shades of gray from separate spaces
But I can't blame no I can't blame

Trying to borrow just like piece of mind
I got to wait my turn just for a piece of mine
Feel the beast inside tell him please recline
Won't feed your seeds they see a ruthless vine
They gone grow up anyway bearing fruits from the struggle
Busted through the glass ceilings of the real world
Look here girl got bruises but I made it through the tussle
Lot to juggle but I come out looking shiny like a fresh pearl
What a whirlwind we just tailspin
Trying to find a meaning
No appeasing we just shifting seasons
I done said it before but it bare repeating
Preacher said Jesus tried to push them from a religion
Take a peep around the crowd and they looking at him different
A metaphor that I've always felt up in my spirit
At the speed we all moving ain't no wonder that we miss it
Got damn

God’s Simulation
God’s stimulation
Just open up your mind
Bet you can’t out run the law (3X)
Bet you can’t out run the lord (3X)
So tell me why you running now?

Verse Two
Peanuts to an elephant
We looking like ants to the almighty hand
It moves then we swaying
Then again we were built from the particles of power
Feel it coursing through my veins getting stronger by the hour (X2)
Babbling a verse in front of man-made towers
I will never cower I'm no coward
But I'm scared too lacking clear proof
Everything look smooth from the rearview
Don't want to miss the train move how the world do
That’s why they say foresight is a rare view
So rare too put yourself in another's shoes
Spin the world in its axis think we going backwards
Hope we not a practice to be extracted
Pull us through black hole
Put a 2.0 beside my soul, Guess in time we'll know
I thing I know, they'll never stop my flow
My time to go, may I live through notes
But there’s got to be something else (x2)
Can't keep just living I need health
Can't keep just grinding I need wealth
Can't just keep smiling I need help
Wading in the water then the tide came
Structure washed away but the love stayed
Know it's hard on this road please take care of ya self
Unplugging for a minute always clocking my moves, I should be watching my steps Before nothing is left (2X)
Track Name: Black Fish
Verse One
So radical to want to to be free
Guess I knew that that could be dangerous
Can't hang with us removing nooses
Bear my soul I‘ma spiritual nudist
Lost the flow in choppy life movement
Devil at my soul the percent switch for
Spirits dead wrong so that spirits done flown
Got to get it back quick fore it gets too far gone
What you are about to, to witness is
Transformation current state is
Get some status stack your paper
Change your placement, don't get famous
You know the stakes is way too high
Just want you to feel what I feel
Peep the world from my brown eyes
Now I'm back again in the same spot why, why
Times like this we look at skies
All I see is clouds why do you hide
Is it in my mind, could it be that pride
We gone see in time
Right now I'm just trying to contemplate
Hopping on a plane with my dame and my daughter
Or pack it all up in a suitcase burn rubber all the way to the border
Screaming sanctuary, sanctuary
America is getting scary
Want baby girl to be carefree
Don't want her to see what I've seen

I cannot jump the shark that's word to Fonzi
Black Fish Make The Pond Gray
We all just out here scheming the world is Ponzi
Black Fish Make The Pond Gray
Just try to amplify all that they downplay
Black Fish Make The Pond Gray
And If I make that splash when I take that leap of faith
Black Fish Make The Pond Gray
Verse Two
Suppose to have a stamp on my passport never took the trip
One of life's loop when it splits at seams gone feel the riff
Now I'm in my brain trying to find the riff that's gone match that pain
Bet that love the shit
Black man cry get a standing O
Add some whips and chains get an Oscar nod
Need more Plies less Algernod
Frame your truth with an ill facade
Hold on man let me get at God
Need ordered steps can't see that far
I'm under strokes you see at par
Exceptional but not equal
I need this shine for my people
Rarely see just what the sun look like
That why I craft all my vision in the moonlight
Can't get it but I'm steady trying to do right
Maybe this wasn't meant for me
To like the tenth degree
losing my patience
Starting to get Flagrant
Smell it on me like a fragrance
Feel it all in my cadence
Sprinkle this truth with water from fountain of youth
Man Hope it never ages
Electronic pages
3-D tears
Heightened definition
To all my fears
And I could never shake them
Through all these years

We be floating away we be floating away
Got me upstream fighting against the current
Don't go taking my love away
We be floating away we be floating away
Washing up on shore need a new wave to bring me back where it safe (We Floating away)
Track Name: newspeak
Verse One
How much longer in this experiment
Burned at the stake by a heretic
Flames to the body won't melt the soul
Understate my role but embellish when
I'm never not the whole
Can't speak on things that you will never know
Yet we got jobs were we improv
Fortified facades can't free no souls
Better read them signs in a complex road
Hit a country curve rolling man I don't condone
Flex a little muscle like we got control
Only maestro when we in PS4
And they say that make us violent
Like hitting GTA make a wild man
Like Call of Duty got them on the Internet
Cooking up a manifest rapping the confederate
At least try to move me
Put the wool on my eyes try to fool me
News channel, TV, forming up a movie
Split sides then ask why
Livestream from the scene tune in prime time
Sleeper cells full of hell can’t creep in the mind
By design like a mine just to blow away divine
Won't bow to the fear of it
Through my shield can't feel the shit
Never had a real urge just to peel the clip
Turn a shirt to a makeshift tourniquet
Hit a lick real quick then peel in the whip
Recipient of welfare never there
Never took the government for a red cent
But to me it's no surprise when they look into my eyes man they still see a nigga

Ducking while they busting not for nothing wonder why (4X)
Let me tell you, Let me tell you what’s on your mind (2X)

Verse Two
The password is scratch out
Tattooed on my tongue so I lash out
The stash out I mash out replenish my spirit
Ideas got the rock and we picking and rolling
No one can control is conform to no image
Explicit specifics just held by a visage
You talk a good game now how bout you go live it
My brother I'm livid
Just said to my wife that it's ok they won't kill a brother at night
Execute him in broad day
I sit back and watch it all play out
Gun owner walking round with the K out
Hey now brother what you doing walking round like that
Two shots blap blap should have had the orange cap
No slack hit him fast got to put him on his back
Bout to bust at the seams I can feel it start to crack
I'm under attack (2x)
Feel the weight of that they won't understand
Too jaded from the words of the telly man
Preacher say when the world ending
And the sky fall down for the worlds sinning
Bow down to ya knees for repentance
But it's too late now back to the mothership for ascension
Track Name: Plastic People
January 20th the year 2017
Grab your history book wipe the grime off from the mezzanine
Neglected while we rejected circles of life
Crop dusted I set fire to flowers hope it ease my strife
Ok so now you gonna acknowledge it
For 60 years they tried to polish it
Bouncing thoughts against a wall EVERYTIME I talk of it
You can't control me I'm no Malkovich
You think a social alchemist I'm not convinced i know it's much more sinister
We tried to fucking tell you, wasn't kidding you
Wish I had the privilege of laughing at these idiots
Try to pivot they grab at my spirit and now I'm livid
I'm trying break out this image
Young black and angry to be specific
Worried about appearance so American it’s in my spirit
My mind to you is protest
You treat it with contempt
Juxtapose my love and experience with your ignorance
Trying to push all my sentences past the period
Them good ole days wasn't my period
Can’t believe you mean that shit with sincerity
Rehashing a failed history
Where’s your clarity?
Can't believe you mean that shit with sincerity
Didn’t fail I see your misery
Now where's your clarity?
Track Name: Spittin' Venom
Verse One
If you wasn't in the train its Namaste
Though you cannot comment on the wind and how it sways
I be that new age a fusion in them cool days and heat waves
They cannot catch him watch them storm chase
I change pace and make them break
Watch them try to change pace
I'm living like my last days is everyday
You not know when that earthly vessel will fade away
I hope you peep this my people I got a lot to say
Order my steps and get it straight
Smoking butts of a loosely outta my ashtray
Been trying to make a way when they said if get no play
Them brothers light on your stomach just like some Yoplait
Olay all them young bulls see red they increase pace
Couldn't say I never loved the clouds
Sitting on some puffy hope while I'm puffing smoke
But I'm focused watch me hit them with the rope a dope
Pen a scroll like disciples when they spoke of Holy Ghost and I coast go

Verse Two
Welcome to the mind of a misfit
Steady rise of a sunshine when in heating up like Bisquick
My money's on the mystic
Don't get caught up in logistic
I'm neither here nor there but I show up consistent
You should be mad if you missed it
I sprinkle game like I'm misting
Oil to a piston such a refreshing feeling
Now I stalking through my city trying to drop off all this healing
Spin the wheel out while I'm whipping
Bending corners hope I don't see coppers roll up
Them flashing lights give the wrong shine
I need mine to reflect back from the top of the brow mirror me getting down
Turn my mic to the crowd scream can you hear me now
Two beeps from a horn scream reality
Stagnant at a green light a left turn be my strategy
Slow cruising to maneuver through a forest full of fallacy
I'm racing with myself if I leave you please don't be mad at me
Track Name: Mind Lifted (with Allen Poe)
This for the playas hope you fall in love with layups
Crunchied all the munchies still keep it crispy just like a lays chip
I'm on a crazed tip I ravage all the walking dead
Sharp objects to the necks of them talking heads
I could flex but Id rather keep it low instead
Could say I'm bummy while I hold a couple loafs of bread
I’m just trying to feed my family insanity right
You got to shine bright before you step off in that light
Hot box for incubation thinking good lord
It’s so fuck up in the nation still we living though
The way im winning I could never Scottie Pippen
Second fiddle to the skys only
Pray they mold to move like the universe do
Now give me space let me orchestrate
At steady pace I calculate the moves
I know you hate me probably wish that you could skate me
But that's a slippy slope joe wont get no hope yo

Verse Two
This what they wanted from a brother should have let me know
Prepare them for they burial regardless of scenario
Hit the stage and let it go those camera flashes moving slow
I welcome you in my zone I call it home
Though it move quite often because I like to roam
Trying to swing by Paris and then I'm straight to Rome
Shake a hater at customs he wasn't acting right
I could get accustomed to living in different lights
Trading health for inspiration that's the price I'm paying
You say my mental’s spacey is that a bad thing
It’s my goal to grip the nation why should I be racing
You mothefuckers always talking bout this time thing
Metaphorical pistol straight to my mindframe
Like you better blow or Ima blow your brains
You could say I'm so insane and may I agree with you
Ahead of what is feasible I'm making you believe in dude
Track Name: Learn on the Fly (with Jake Horstmeier and Brandon Jones)
Verse One
My motto these days I'm screaming you should just let me live
I'm over 25 black and they never done me in
I know I speak it like it’s some sort of accomplishment
Buffer to a tarnished image hard not to feel shiny then
It goes deep you need a periscope
Dealing with that submarine Columbus never gave me hope it didn't float
Got a fear Ill be too honest labeled abrasive and brolic
But really I'm calm and polished shine like shrine in Abu Dhabi
Don't assimilate could never copy
Siphon earth's energy so you can keep your soul papi
I’ll admit that I'm swaying maintained my angle
Beeline for the fried chicken I'm hungry fuck all them labels
Fueled my stomach lit a cig got my engines back to stable
Hung ten I get it in swag surfing round a table
I'm on a wave by myself you can join in
Hope you still feel that vibe in the morning

Could lose ya life for a slice of the pie
Middle finger to the world with my mind on the sky
Wading through these waters fore that well run dry.
Everybody on the grind we just learning on the fly

Verse Two
Try to knock me from the totem
Suck my scrotum as it dangle round your forehead
Jordan branded flow you kicking Prokeds
Maneuver like a nomad from Spokane
What are riches to a wealthy lad
A rarity I never had Im focused on the money
Got to get them dollars
Through adding zeros and commas hope I never lose my honor
You know I do it so proper Kill them in hoodies pajamas tube socks and vans
Flip flops if it’s hotter
Don't need appearance just to get me clearance
Don't want to catch the eye I hit the spirit where you can feel it
Outlast the clash of when mass appealing smacks against a ceiling of feeling
Don't wanna lose touch Im thinking too much
Take it off the top the flow is crew cut
All you gotta tell me is the where aint concerns with the who what
I'm too tough like pleather to leather well see with weather just whether or not you measure up

Fuck your daps and your pounds
I'll just frown at that handshake
Don't shoot your shot then you'll have to go live your life down were regret stays
Based on consumption I've sipped quite enough I should be drunk on paper
I've used quite enough of my soul my woe I'm tired of smiling at haters

Verse Three
I grab me a paper I line with tobacco
I roll it then shake it
All the excess it float in the wind
Then it head to non-ocular spaces
I'm caught in a matrix created, ordain in my mental recesses
How long do you think that these people going to want to come just hear about your stresses?
But change up the aim you could fuck up the spirit
I've seen just live to match up with lyrics
That energy wrong and that part of me gone
I'm ok with standing out even if that means that I'll have to stand alone
Track Name: Couple Days (with Debraun Thomas)
Verse One
Incognito but I pull magneto
Crispy like a fresh off the rack Tostitos
This life like a clutch time free throw
Look easy until you step to the line and see the people
Small vision you a peephole
I'm full screen on Vevo
We all lost no Nemo
Mo bass for the speakers here's the keynote
Not the best angle don't you gamble no keno with meh
Daydream tell my mind you can go float away
But please stay close to the ground as you cruising
Can’t lose you well at least not today
Just a peon from eons ways
And that weight can be great plus they tell us that we cannot escape
We cannot escape, I reject that fate
Just an underground brother turning up for his freedom
Could be hard to understand it you ain't never had to be him
I'm just trying break the chains I don't want a baby Moma
Or I'm looking at an equal but I'm calling him your honor
Sprinkle jewels like the sweat beads forming from a sauna
Earned stripes through my life I'ma do it how I want to
Everything ain't smooth
Ride until the road dent the rims
Man We just got to keep our cool
Gone cut right through with the change in the wind
Took so many L's so you know we due a win
And all you really need is one time
They just talking like they lived it all
Always said I want that sunshine
Right now I'm sipping dark so I shrug it off
Acrobatics is average
Tumble while I Ariel
12 feet above the place i made for your burial
Metaphorically speaking shooting if you reaching
Always catch a lot of noise when they speaking
See them in the streets all onomatopoeia
Boom bap pop bang bang
We all want the same thing
Never tell me how to drive I can find my own lane
It ain't fair though I'm just playing with the cheat codes
Got the thing sowed up switched to beast mode
Sometimes I feel like it's me against the field dog
So by default fuck how you feel dog
Might catch up with you brothers on the back end
Leave my windows cracked got to let that life in
Blowing smoke rings only for the stressing
Damn homie you done overlooked your blessings
Purposely lost don't try to retrieve me G
I'm hitting my stride oh man it's a site to see
They never could tell me little homie this ain't your scene
They yelling and yelling and yelling it's make believe (2X)

A couple a days
Think I'm running away
In a couple of days
A couple of days
I just need me some shade
For a couple of days
A couple of days
Let my mind get away
Just a couple of days
A couple of days (2X)
I Need me (2x) a couple days (4X)
Track Name: Cut My Wings
Tell me that I’m caught up in a great light
Trying to figure if I’m dancing with a great white
That's two pronged trying to look at two sides
Who’s wrong never mind cause it got me thinking suicide
Never mind lime cause it shifts always looking towards the newest shine
Cold gleam from the eyes of the bluest
Five deep from the depths of the bottom they do it
Best in the game don't you ever construe it
Take your time homeboy go on stew with it
Veggies and meat to reach your peak
Broth for the flavor make them savor you and then they saving you
Leftovers hitting on the second day now they feel what you say
Rise slow to the top similar to soufflé
Got an ocean full of flow water boy Boucher
Put that flame on the top like a creme broule
Mad work in this game I’m a lifer
Still spell my name wrong when I’m on the flyer
Hunger for these games now I’m about to catch fire
Etch it in they brains got to rework the wires
Tip toeing on the tightest of them
You can hate it but it’s better loving
Match a sweet while you candy crushing
No discussion just thoughts then my mind fill with art no noise
Caught a vibe had to let it rode out for a ticking
Finest on the vine yeah I’m ripe for the picking
Bend space and time it’s mine can I kick it
Baseline so fine had to spin off the pivot
Folks build that hole dig a ditch from a divot
You can bury yourself you way ahead of yourself
I’ma glide through these clouds like it’s good for my health


See me on the scene
Lean some mean
Riding all alone trying to put my mind at ease
Don’t you cut my wings

Verse Two
Man I’m feeling like I’m tripping hope this rut it get lifted real soon, real soon
Been a while since I took a little trip up to the moon
Put the fuel in the rocket I’ll be there before noon
I just need to find a place where its spacious
my mind when from pacing to racing its fixing to go boom
Take a few steps back 50 feet give me room then I zoom, gone
Real world trying to stick it to the kid got a brother rethinking how I live
Am I good enough?
Am I sitting on the shore watching ships sail by wave my hand hoping that they pick me up?
Thinking maybe I should throw away my dreams
They really what they seem?
That thought got me blue while I’m rolling up the green
Sparked it inhaled, exhale new scene

Verse Three
I stay super-duper fresh once I bust a funky rhyme
Slicker than slime I do it all the time
Too cold when I float come and watch a brother climb
Never take a break if I did you could watch me levitate David Blaine
Metaphysic, meditation, manifesting moves made
Keep your cup, cuz I aint fucking with that kool aid
Rides on the wave of the fugaze
Don't disturb my peaceful soul
Live by the mantra to each his own
Just throwing love off hope it boomerang
Do my thing, your the reason why like I'm hoobastank who to thank
Trying to fathom down to the atom
Where does it go when the brains splatter?
Do it follow a similar pattern zooming through space fast as I can chitter chatter?
it don't matter
Fuck a plug Im the chord the conduit
Five steps from salvation leave your money at the pulpit
Found right around the wave of the cool kids
I got my bounce back fuck that I aint never lose track
And they call me boom bap of the new age hey man I'm cool with that
Won’t wait until you through with that just stand on defensive accept the attack
Going tic for the tac need a family sized pack but you still can’t match at the fresh in my rap
Two times for the heathens, weaving, scheming, seamless through the cracks
Wont stop until we even steven, speeding, got to make it back
Track Name: Hope (with David Napier)
(David Napier) Verse One
When you’re feeling low
Nowhere to go
You’re the odd man out
With no one to run to
But just before you wreck this change of perspective
You’ve given to much power to the powers that be
Next time you make a move for your life
Think about the choice between wrong and right
Know what you want and what you’ll accept
And put yourself first before there’s nothing left

Only smoke when I drink
Only drink when I smoke
You got me down on the ground
Think I need a little hope (2x)

Verse Two
I ain't seen it all but I seen a lot
Watched alphabet boys come and clean up the block
Repped 148 now they coming back home
Respect to all y’all muthafuckas my brothers just stay strong
Seen my cousin bag in up by the pound
Hit his cell like it’d time to cool down
News travel quick in this small town
Get it off, cuz I need to have you round
Yeah I dabbled in it
Dark past like a stout of Guinness
Daddy did Fed time when they caught him pitching
It was in my bloodstream I just caught the itching
Ziplocks strayed round the kitchen
Got it from a brother that was out in Michigan
Now he trying to bubble in the KY
His fam said he telling so I had to cut ties
Far cry from them times shooting hoops at the Y
I was lost trying to find my way home
Fill the hole that was left in my soul
Went wrong at the fork in the road
Now I got to double back
Double down in the grind so I bounce right back
Been taking lumps since it was ‘08
When they pay me got to add the pro rate
Get my family super straight
Late nights pen game super crazy
I need this for my babies
Teleport me where I want to be
Back to the future watching Rocko, he's a wallaby
Before the time big brother started following
Wallowing in pain far from the form of harmony
A pen and a pad my venomous self
Down to my last dime bet some pennies will help
All my rage is displayed lay fangs to the page
Need a sage or a stage think I'm losing myself

Verse Three
No effort with the effervescent
Turn up like we never stressing
Better yet turn up cause we need release
Before the peace you know you got to go to war
There is no exceptions

Never learn my lesson
I'm hard headed bull
No life jacket jumping into the oceans
Fuck a pool
Fight against the current but the water so deep
And the waves so high you can't win against the pull
Starting to feel like drowning
Seeing the dark close around me
Trying to recall the simple
Got to dig deeper something like a dimple
Come to surface whitehead to pimple
Bout to fade out ,I think I'm burnt up
It's feeling played out, I don't think I've lost much
damn sure ain't lost touch
Think I got my second wind through my wife and daughters eyes (2x)
No choices but to lock it in claw towards the surface side
Head above water take a breath then I'm resuming life